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Genesis 4:7

Is there not, if you are creating-good,166 an exalted-one?167 And if you are not creating-good, to the Opening is a miss-offering, he-who-lies-stretched-out,168 and toward you is his Desire, and את-yourself is comparing in-himself.`169



toward you is his runner, and yourself is comparing in-himself. There was never any wording here to insinuate that “Cain must struggle to rule over sin”. It is pure translation bias and long-standing traditions of men forced onto Scripture. 

Strong's H4910 - מָשַׁל (mashal):
Verb root meaning to rule, dominate, reign

Strong's H4911 - מָשַׁל (mashal):
Verb root meaning to compare, represent, make like, liken

Strong's H4912- מָשָׁל (mashal):
Noun that denotes a proverb, parable, or taunting saying, used to mock or scorn, illustrated in passages like Ezekiel 16:44.

All the proverbs in the book of Proverbs are called mashal. The fact that "to rule/dominate" and "to liken/compare" share the same root sheds a lot of light on how bias can affect translation and interpretation.