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Genesis 4:7

Is there not, if you are creating-good,166 an exalted-one?167 And if you are not creating-good, to the Opening is a miss-offering, he-who-lies-stretched-out,168 and toward you is his Desire, and את-yourself is comparing in-himself.`169



The Sin: Miss-Offering ⇒ The Body of Scandal

Strong’s #2403, chattat. This is the feminine noun derived from the root verb chata (#2398) to miss the mark. The Greek translation of the word in the LXX and NT follow this definition - ἁμαρτία, hamartia, to miss the mark (#G266). The word “sin” is an Old English word synn from a proto-Germanic origin related to misdeeds, “The root meaning would appear to be, ‘it is true;’ that is, ‘the charge has been proven.’” – New World Encyclopedia. According to Strongs, it is the “Feminine of chet, an offence, or a sacrifice for it -- sin (offering).” The masculine noun chet (#2399) is the proper noun for miss, crime, fault, offense. This feminine form chattat, refers to a sin-offering. The bullock and other animals constituted such a chattat in Exodus 29:14, 36, 30:10, and throughout Leviticus.

to the Opening is a miss-offering, he-who-lies-stretched-out. This is  a feminine noun followed by a masculine sing. participle verb. The Hebrew for lie stretched out, often translated as crouching, is rabats Strong’s #7257 which is why Robert Young correctly translated this as “sin-offering” instead of sin. Similar language is spoken of a particular behemah [beast]:

What to make a feminine sin-offering? Combine this with the "body of offense" and we discover that it foretells the "body of Sin" which is aluded to throughout the New Testament in the feminine.

Very interestingly, the Septuagint gives a different verse that yet speaks to not correctly "dividing him":

"Hast thou not sinned if thou hast brought it rightly, but not rightly divided it? be still, to thee shall be his submission, and thou shalt rule over him."

And in the whole of the behemah [beast] you are not giving your lying-down one to become unclean within herself, and the woman is not standing-firm to the faces of the behemah [beast] to quarter herself [rabah]; the world [tebel #8397, 8398] is himself. Leviticus 18:23 RBT

The one who has not recognized a miss, he made a miss above ourselves, so that ourselves should become the Just one of God within himself.” 2 Cor. 5:21 RBT