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Genesis 34:7

And the builders of Heel have come in from the Field when they heard, and the Mortal-men are paining themselves,1063 and he burned1064 to them exceedingly, for he has made a withered-one1065 in El-Strives, to lie down אֶת-the built-one of Heel, and an upright one is not being made.1066



Strong’s #5039, nebalah. Feminine singular noun. Fading, wilting thing (leaf, grass, flower, etc.), a disgrace (moral). Perhaps speaking of Justice being made a withered disgrace? Root nabal #5034 to fade, wither, wilt. Figuratively it means disgrace, foolish, folly.

She has mourned, she has withered [nabal], the Earth, she has drooped, she has withered [nabal], the world has drooped; a high-place of the people of the Earth.” Isa. 24:4 literal