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Genesis 30:35

וַ יָּסַר בַּ יֹּום הַ הוּא אֶת הַ תְּיָשִׁים הָ עֲקֻדִּים וְ הַ טְּלֻאִים וְ אֵת כָּל הָ עִזִּים הַ נְּקֻדֹּות וְ הַ טְּלֻאֹת כֹּל אֲשֶׁר לָבָן בֹּו וְ כָל חוּם בַּ כְּשָׂבִים וַ יִּתֵּן בְּ יַד בָּנָיו

And he is causing to turn aside in the Hot-one of Himself* אֶת-the Banded* He-Goats and They-who-are-spotted, and the whole of the Marked She-Goats and They-who-are-spotted, the whole of which are white in him, and the whole of the warm in the Lambs, and he is giving in the hand of his builders,

* Strong’s #6124, aqod. Banded (i.e. stripes). From the verb aqad to bind which is used once in Genesis 22:9,

and Father-of-Tumult is building there אֶת-the Altar, and he is setting-in-order the Trees, and he is binding [aqad] אֶת-He-Laughs his builder, and is putting אֶת-him over the Altar from-above…