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Genesis 30:35

And he is causing to turn aside in the Hot-one of Himself986 אֶת-the Banded987 He-Goats and They-who-are-spotted, and the whole of the Marked She-Goats and They-who-are-spotted, the whole of which are white in him, and the whole of the warm in the Lambs, and he is giving in the hand of his builders,



Strong’s #6124, aqod. Banded (i.e. stripes). From the verb aqad to bind which is used once in Genesis 22:9,

and Father-of-Tumult is building there אֶת-the Altar, and he is setting-in-order the Trees, and he is binding [aqad] אֶת-He-Laughs his builder, and is putting אֶת-him over the Altar from-above…