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RBT Translation:
And you all have been clipped-off619 אֵת-a flesh of your foreskin,620 and he has become to a sign of a cut-out-one between me and between you all.
LITV Translation:
And you shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin. And it shall be a token of the covenant between Me and you.
ESV Translation:
You shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskins, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and you.
Brenton Septuagint Translation:
And ye shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskin, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between me and you.



The Nemalim

The Nemalim הַ֭נְּמָלִים (#5244) means the clipped-off ones. Derived from the root verb namal (#5243) to be cut down/off, circumcised. The nemalim are mentioned in Proverbs 6:6 and 30:25 where it is interpreted as “ants” even though the proverb explicitly says they are a people:

the Nemalim, a people not powerful, but they are standing-upright in the Harvest (#7019) their bread.” Proverbs 30:25 literal


a flesh of your foreskin. Plural you all + singular foreskin, i.e a foreskin of yourselves. Strong’s #6190 orlah, foreskin. This is a feminine noun. This is particularly odd for the male foreskin, especially when the uncircumcised foreskin is masculine, arel (#6189). It’s also interesting that it functions as a verb, aral (#6188) in Leviticus 19:23 and Habakkuk 2:16 meaning to expose,

You all have been satiated of shame from glory. Drink also yourself and be exposed [as uncircumcised…Rest’s “woman” …], she is circling upon you a cup [or an owl #3563], the right hand of Yahweh, and utter shame upon your glory.” Habakkuk 2:16 literal