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The Abyss of Words: Noise, fermenting, clamor

The Earth has become an uneven-one and an unbalanced-one and a darkone upon the faces of an abyss/uproar, and the wind of elohim is she-who-flutters upon the faces of the Dual-Water-ones.

Genesis 1:20

Strong’s #8415, tehom. Abyss. The Depths. Noisy, agitated, roaring. From a primitive root #1949 hum (compare hamam); to make an uproar, or agitate greatly. A mysterious, cryptic word, with clues from Gen. 7:11 “abundant/many uproar” and Gen. 49:25, “upon the kneeled-ones of the abyss, she-who-lies-stretched-out underneath”.


The abyss symbolizes a state of directionless, chaos, emptiness, or inaccessible mystery. The present Bible in all of its translation and tradition, the sects, orthodoxies, denominations, and doctrines are just such an experience. The bias of the flesh takes the reader not up, but down into an abyss. It is the depths of the pit, of hell, of sheol, of death. Every “wave of teaching” tosses a reader around endlessly.

It is the misery of Job who is lost before his friends who think they can help, but say nothing right. When he finally ceases to speak, meaning the word is no longer in his mouth because he has completely given up trying to understand—then his eyes are opened, and he sees.


“…and the whole of El-Strives is causing to blast a great war-blast, and the Earth is being uproared/upheaval [tehom].” 1 Sam. 4:5 literal

She baits you, conceives you as a “sinner”, tests and tempts you, and, when full grown, death.