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“so that they may sober-up the new one to be fond of men, fond of children”

Titus 2:4 was apparently never translated literally, with possessive pronouns being added, and the singular word for “new” being interpreted as plural ‘young women’. But the reading of the original yields instruction that the older ‘sober-up’ the new one to be affectionate, agreeable, and fond toward men and children.

hina sōphronizōsin tas neas philandrous einai philoteknous

so that they may sober-up the new one to be men-philo and children-philo [affectionate, fond, philo-love].

Titus 2:4 RBT

It seems odd to give such instruction to women only after they marry and have children, doesn’t it? Would it not make much more sense to “sober them up” and bring them into a healthy balance with men and children before they marry and have children? If that is even what the apostle is speaking about?

But this applies, even firstly, to all the brothers, that they, of the new “mother” (Matt. 12:49) must sober up to the kindness of God toward men and children. The Greek word for “new” is singular, not plural.