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Genesis 8:7

And he is sending אֶת-the raven, and he is going out—going out and turning back until the drying of the Dual-Waters from upon the Earth.309



Going and returning. Compare with Job 1:7 in the literal, “And Yahweh is saying toward the Adversary, From where are you coming in? And the Adversary is answering Yahweh, and saying, From pushing forth [#7751 to lash with wings, arms, oars, etc.] to and fro in the Earth, and from walking about in her.” Also compare the fact that a black horse is sent by Yahweh and is responsible for giving rest to his spirit (the Dove) from his wrath in Zech 6:8. See also Daniel 12:4. Until the drying parallels the language of dry-ward, southward, Negev, the Desert (see note on Gen. 13:3).