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Matthew 6:24



The Greek verb "ἀντέχομαι" (antechomai) is a compound of "ἀντί" (anti), meaning "against" or "opposite," and "ἔχω" (echo), meaning "to hold" or "to have." The word "ἀντέχομαι" literally means "to hold against" or "to hold oneself against." In usage, it often means "to cling to," "to hold firmly to," "to withstand," or "to support."

Here are the parts broken down:

  • ἀντί (anti) - "against"
  • ἔχω (echo) - "to hold"

So, "ἀντέχομαι" can be understood as "to hold against," which metaphorically extends to mean standing firm or clinging to something resolutely.