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Genesis 34:29

And אֶת-the whole of their turning-one,1078 and אֶת-the whole of their tripping-one,1079 and אֶת-their women they have taken captive, and they are plundering, and אֶת-the whole of whom is in the House.



Tripping One

Strong’s #2945, taph. Tripping one. Singular noun. Typically interpreted as “little ones” meaning “children”. Brown-Driver-Briggs notes “collective children (as going with quick, tripping steps). Derived from the root taphaph (#2952), to mince, trip with steps which is only used once here,

And Yahweh is saying for because the built-ones of Zion have been lofty, and are walking those-stretching-out the neck, and those-ogling the eyes [seducing with the eyes], walking and tripping they are walking, and in their feet they are fettering [acas].” Isaiah 3:16 literal

The context of “tripping” is interesting in this Isaiah passage as it was assumed that acas meant “tinkling anklets’. The idea of any “tinkling” is speculation. The word concretely means ankle fetter and is used on a fool in Proverbs 7:22. See #5914. Perhaps the picture is that of the built-ones/daughters tripping because their “ankles” are fettered. How beautiful are “the feet” of him who bears good news….?