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Genesis 30:42

וּ בְ הַעֲטִיף הַ צֹּאן לֹא יָשִׂים וְ הָיָה הָ עֲטֻפִים לְ לָבָן וְ הַ קְּשֻׁרִים לְ יַעֲקֹב
And in causing to envelop* the Sheep he is not setting them; and he has become the Enveloped Ones* to White, and the Tied Ones* to Heel.

* Hebrew הָעֲטֻפִים֙ The Atuphim. The Hebrew ataph (#5848) means to cover or shroud. “Feeble” is a poor translation. A primitive root; to shroud, i.e. Clothe (whether transitive or reflex.); hence (from the idea of darkness) to languish -- cover (over), fail, faint, feebler, hide self, be overwhelmed, swoon.