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Genesis 30:14

וַ יֵּלֶךְ רְאוּבֵן בִּ ימֵי קְצִיר חִטִּים וַ יִּמְצָא דוּדָאִים בַּ שָּׂדֶה וַ יָּבֵא אֹתָם אֶל לֵאָה אִמֹּו וַ תֹּאמֶר רָחֵל אֶל לֵאָה תְּנִי נָא לִי מִ דּוּדָאֵי בְּנֵךְ

And Behold-Builder is walking in the days of wheats-harvest, and is finding mandrakes968 in the field, and is causing to come in אֶת-them in toward Weary, his mother, and Ewe is saying toward Weary, `Give now to-myself, from the mandrakes of your builder.`


Strong’s #1736, דּוּדַי duday. This comes from the word meaning beloved and uncle and is used throughout the Song of Solomon. The Hebrew root means to boil. The mandrake is a unique plant in that its root has the form of a human body. They are described in Songs 7:13 as having a fragrance. The mandrake root is a hallucinogenic and hypnotic narcotic. Occasionally, a Hebrew word is used in a multi-faceted way. The ancient written Hebrew language didn’t happen by accident nor is it haphazard. It is perhaps the most precise and perfectly designed of languages of human history. What is this mysterious relationship between a mandrake plant, a beloved, and an uncle? Take note of the time that these mandrakes were gathered.