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Genesis 25:24

וַ יִּמְלְאוּ יָמֶיהָ לָ לֶדֶת וְ הִנֵּה תֹומִם בְּ בִטְנָהּ

And her days to bear are being filled, and behold, double-ones* are in her womb.

* Taomim – Double Ones

Strong’s #8380. Taomim. The word taom means double (like a curtain is folded/doubled over in Ex. 26:24. The root verb properly means to be complete and thus is used of a single curtain folded and the breasts (twins of a gazelle) of the bride in Song of Songs. This would seem to infer that a complete whole is made up of something doubled. I.e double-edged sword. It is only found in the plural and thus should be rendered doubles or double-ones.