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Genesis 25:20

וַ יְהִי יִצְחָק בֶּן אַרְבָּעִים שָׁנָה בְּ קַחְתֹּו אֶת רִבְקָה בַּת בְּתוּאֵל הָ אֲרַמִּי מִ פַּדַּן אֲרָם אֲחֹות לָבָן הָ אֲרַמִּי לֹו לְ אִשָּׁה
And he is becoming He-Laughs a builder of forty of a duplication in his taking אֶת-Stall-Fed, built-one of Destroyed-of-El the Castle-Dweller,* from Highland-Castle,* sister of White the Castle-Dweller, to-himself to a woman.

* Strong’s #6307, Paddan-Aram. Plataeu, highland + Citadel/Castle.