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Genesis 25:2

וַ תֵּלֶד לֹו אֶת זִמְרָן וְ אֶת יָקְשָׁן וְ אֶת מְדָן וְ אֶת מִדְיָן וְ אֶת יִשְׁבָּק וְ אֶת שׁוּחַ
And she is bearing to-himself אֶת-Musical,* and אֶת-Snare-Layer,* and אֶת-Strife,* and אֶת-Contentious,* and אֶת-Left-Alone,* and אֶת-Sunk.*

* Strong’s #4080, Midyan. “Midianites” From #4079, midyan, brawling, contention. This we noted earlier regarding Sarah, who was clearly contentious and angry with Hagar, in Genesis 17:15,

Good sits in an earth of wilderness, from a woman [eshet] of contentions and anger.” Proverbs 21:19 literal