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Genesis 17:10

This one is my cut-out-one which you-all are guarding between me and between you-all, and between your seed of your back, the whole of a male to you-all to be circumcised.618




This is one of the most interesting prophetic enigmas of the Bible. Out of the middle of the Flesh comes forth the rescue of the Flesh? The Gospel seems to reflect this in the person of Jesus who makes his first coming forth from corrupt Flesh—out of the Belly. In the feminine language it is the womb that gives birth to the savior and hero. Here, in an apparently different tongue, it is the mutilation of the Flesh of the builders of Father-of-Tumult, the circumcision, that brings forth the saviors and heros. Builders of the Hot-one?

And if the Master had not cut-off those days, the whole flesh would not have been rescued; but on account of the chosen, whom He chose, He cut-off the days.” Mark 13:20 literal

The Hebrew for circumcision is mul (#4135), concretely meaning to cut short, curtail, destroy. The very word Jesus uses in the Gospel in the Greek, koloboó (#G2856), to mutilate, cut short, curtail. This is no coincidence. The text here has the verb to be circumcised in the infinitive absolute rather than an imperative command or a complete/incomplete verb. Infinitive absolutes are rare and are explained by Gesenius as “speak[ing] of an action (or state) without any regard to the agent or to the circumstances of time and mood under which it takes place.” Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar #113. Extensive papers have been written attempting to explain these odd constructs. But here it is apparent from the literal that Yahweh is illustrating a sign, and that sign is a cut-off male, a male mutilated/cut off from the Flesh.