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RBT Translation:
And את-us you are sitting, and the Earth she is becoming to your faces. Sit ye and go-round her,1068 and be possessed1069 in her.`
LITV Translation:
And live with us, and the land is before you; live and trade in it, and get property in it.
ESV Translation:
You shall dwell with us, and the land shall be open to you. Dwell and trade in it, and get property in it.”
Brenton Septuagint Translation:
And dwell in the midst of us; and, behold, the land is spacious before you, dwell in it, and trade, and get possessions in it.



Hebrew וּסְחָר֔וּהָ and pass-through her. Interpreted to mean trade (as a merchant). Translators have always added the word “in” here which is misleading as the feminine suffix on the verb doesn’t allow for this. “She” is the object of the action. Note the “in her” supplied at the end of the verse. This is properly defined as trading (not roving about in) and hence its use as a metaphor for sex in Isaiah 47:15. See also Psalm 38:10, “My heart has traded…”


Strong’s #270, achaz, is in the Niphal reflexive/passive form.