The Kingdom is inside “her”?

nor shall they say, Lo, here; or lo, there; for lo, the reign of God is inside you.’

Luke 17:21 YLT

Translators and scholars don’t want to hear what it really says. A better word could not be chosen to express inside. The Greek word is entos. And is also used by Jesus here, and mind you,

Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside [entos] of the cup, so that the outside of it may also become clean.

Matt. 23:26

The real question then is who? He spoke to them in the plural, you all. If we were to think of it as an enigma—them also being called “mother” by the same Jesus—we could entertain the idea of a womb………and Isaiah 66 would be much more interesting, where we read that Zion “gives birth” to a nation….

But why speak so darkly?

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