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Queen Esther vs. Queen Vashti

Is this story a macro end-time parable? Esther as the Chosen Elect Lady and Vashti is the one she replaces?

The story has been viewed as though the King and his guests were a bunch of drunken partygoers and that he was some sort of misogynist. The irony is, the very attacking of his character and actions by many today would seem to prove the whole teaching of the parable. So we are given a distopic image of a drunken ruler and women turning against them.

But because some don’t care about seeking truth but only pushing agendas, they never stop to think or look more closely to see if it’s true what they preach and teach. The King was not drunk.

כְּטֹ֥וב לֵב־הַמֶּ֖לֶךְ בַּיָּ֑יִן

when good was the heart of the king in the wine….

Esther 1:10 literal

The Hebrew word for merry happens to be good (Strong’s #2896). Yes, the same word used for:

it was very good. Genesis 1:31

the tree of the knowledge of good and evil Gen. 2:9

the gold of that land is good Gen. 2:12

It is not good for the man…  Gen. 2:18

we are not able to speak unto thee bad or good  Gen. 24:50

The King had seven eunuchs, seven princes, and ruled over 127 provinces which happens the be the “age” of Sarah at her “dying”. Is Vashti the Harlot Church that is sent away/divorced because she does the same exact thing? Esther is the maidservant that rises from lowest places, and saves the people.