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Genesis Chapter 45

1And He-Adds has not been able to hold himself to the faces of the whole of the Ones-who-stand-firm upon him, and he is calling-out, `Cause to go out the whole of a man from upon-me.` And a man has not stood-firm את-him in He-Adds making himself perceived toward his brothers. 2And he is giving אֶת-his voice in a weeping-one,* and the Dual-Siegeians are hearing, and the house of Pharaoh is hearing. 3And He-Adds is saying toward his brothers, `Myself is He-Adds, is again my father a living-one?` And his brothers have not been able to face אֶת-him, for they have become disturbed from his faces.

4And He-Adds is saying toward his brothers, `Draw near, now, toward me,` and they are drawing near. And he is saying, `Myself is He-Adds, your brother, whom you have sold אֶת-me Dual-Siege-ward. 5And now, do not be pained, and do not burn in your eyes that you all have sold me here, for a life-place* has elohim sent me to your faces. 6`For this one of double duplications the Hungry-one is in the inner-part of the Earth, and again five duplications, which is nothing a plough and a harvest. 7And elohim is sending me to the your faces, to place to-yourselves a remnant in the Earth, and to give life to-yourselves to a great escaped-one.

8And now, yourselves have not sent אֶת-me here, for the Elohim, and he is placing me to a father to Pharaoh, and to a master* of the whole of his house, and he-who-rules in the whole of the earth of Dual-Siege. 9`Hasten, and ascend toward my father, then you all have said to-himself, Thus has said He-Adds your builder, elohim has set me to a master to the whole of Dual-Siege. Descend toward me, do not set-upright. 10And you have sat in the Earth of Goshen,* and you have become close toward me, yourself and your builders, and the builders of your builders, and your ploughing-one, and the whole of whom is to-yourself. 11And I have measured* אֶת-you there—for again are five duplications of a hungry-one—lest you are being inherited, yourself and your house, and the whole of whom is to-yourself. 12`And behold, your eyes are those-who-see, and the eyes of my brother Benjamin, for my mouth is the One-who-orders toward you all. 13And you all have fronted to my father אֶת-the whole my weight in Dual-Siege, and אֶת-the whole of which you have seen, and you have hastened, and have caused to descend אֶת-my father here.`

14And he is falling upon the necks* of Builder-of-the-right, his brother, and he is weeping, and Builder-of-the-right has wept upon his necks. 15And he is kissing to the whole of his brothers, and he is weeping upon them; and the back of an upright his brothers have ordered את-him.

16And the Voice has been heard in the house of Pharaoh, to say, `The brothers of He-Adds have come in.` And he is creating-good in the eyes of Pharaoh, and in the eyes of his slaves.

17And Pharaoh is saying toward He-Adds, `Say toward your brothers, Make this one, [load/stab]* your consumers,* and walk, come in you all earth-ward of Humbled, 18and take אֶת-your father, and אֶת-your households, and come in toward me, and I am giving to-yourselves אֶת-a good one of the earth of Dual-Siege, and eat a fat-one of the Earth.

19`And yourself has been charged, this one you all shall make, take to-yourselves from the earth of Dual-Siege rolling-ones* for your tripping-ones, and for your women, and you have lifted אֶת-your father, and have come in. 20And your eye shall not pity upon your finished-articles, for a good one of the whole of the earth of Dual-Siege is to-yourselves, himself.`

21And the builders of El-Strives are making an upright, and He-Adds is giving rolling-ones to-themselves upon the mouth of Pharaoh, and he is giving to them a hunted-one for the Road. 22To the whole of them has he given to the Man passings* of garments, and to Builder-of-the-right he has given three hundreds of a silver-one, and five passings of garments. 23And to his father he has sent according to this one, ten of fermenting-ones those-who-lift from a good one of Dual-Siege, and ten* of everflowing-ones those-who-lift a pure-one and a bread and [a feeding-place]* for his father for the Road. 24And he is sending אֶת-his brothers away, and they are walking, and he is saying toward them, `Do not be quake in the Road.`

25And they are ascending from Dual-Siege, and are coming in the earth of Humbled, toward Heel their father. 26And they are exposing to-himself, to say, `Again He-Adds is a living-one, and that himself is he-who-rules in the whole of the earth of Dual-Siege, and his heart is growing-cold,* for he has not supported to them.

27And they are ordering toward him the whole of the words of He-Adds, which he has ordered toward them, and he is seeing the Rolling-ones which He-Adds has sent to lift אֶת-him, and living is a wind of Heel their father. 28And El-Strives is saying, `Abundant, again He-Adds my builder is a living-one* I am walking and I am seeing him before I am dying.`