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Genesis Chapter 35

1And elohim is saying toward Heel, `Stand up, ascend house of El, and sit there, and make there a slaughtering-place to El, the One-appearing toward you in your fleeing from the faces of Prepared your brother.`*

2And Heel is saying toward his house, and toward the whole of which are with him, `Turn aside אֶת-the elohe of the Foreigner who are in your middle, and cleanse yourselves, and pass by your garments. 3And let us stand up and ascend house of El, and I am making there a slaughtering-place to El, the One-who-eyes* אֶת-me in the hot-one of my narrowness,* and he is becoming by me in the road which I have walked.`

4And they are giving toward Heel אֶת-the whole of the gods [elohe] of the Foreigner which are in their hands, and the Rings which are in their ears, and Heel is hiding אֶת-them under the Goddess [ha-Elah]* which is with Shoulder. 5And they are pulling-up, and he is becoming a terror of elohim upon the Cities which encircled them, and they have not pursued the back of the builders of Heel. 6And Heel is coming in almond-tree-ward which is in the Earth of Humbled, himself is house of El, himself and the whole of the People who is with him, 7and he is building there a slaughtering-place, and is calling-out to the Standing-place El of House of El: for there had been uncovered toward him the Elohim, in his fleeing from the faces of his brother.

8And Bee* is dying, she-who-causes-to-suck Stall-Fed, and she is being buried from under to House of El, under the Small-god [ha-Elon], and he is calling-out his name `Small-God [elon] of Weeping.` 9And elohim is being seen toward Heel again, in his coming-in from Highland-Castle, and is kneeling אֶת-him. 10And he is saying to-himself elohim, your name is Heel: he is not being called-out your name again Heel, for if El-Strives he is becoming your name.` And he is calling-out his name El-Strives.

11And he is saying to-himself elohim, myself is El of Destroyers. Bear fruit and abound, a nation and an assembly of nations he is from out of yourself, and kings from your double-loins* are going out. 12and the Earth which I have given to Father-of-Tumult and to He-Laughs, to-yourself I am giving her, and to your seed the back of you I am giving אֶת-the Earth.`

13And elohim is ascending from upon him, in the Standing-place which he has ordered את-him.

14And Heel is causing-to-stand-firm a standing-pillar in the Standing-place which he has ordered את-him, a pillar-trunk* of a stone, and he is pouring upon her a poured-one, and he is pouring upon her an oil. 15And Heel is calling-out the name of the Standing-place which elohim has ordered את-him, House of El.

16And they are pulling-up from House of El, and he is becoming again a kibrath* of the Earth to come in Fruitful-ward,* and Ewe is bearing, and she is hardened in her bearing. 17And he is becoming in her causing-hardness in her bearing, and she is saying to-herself the One-who-bears,* `You are not fearing, for also this one is to-yourself a builder.`

18And he is becoming in the going out of her breath, for she has died, and she is calling-out his name Builder of My Sorrow,* and his father called-out to-himself Builder-of-the-right.*

19And Ewe is dying,* and she is being buried in the road Fruitful-ward, himself is House of Bread. 20And Heel is causing to stand-firm a standing pillar upon her sepulcher, himself is the standing-pillar of the sepulcher of Ewe until the Hot-one.

21And El-Strives is pulling-up and is stretching out his tent from further-out to the Tower of the Sheep. 22And he is becoming in the dwelling of El-Strives in the Earth of himself, and Behold-Builder is walking, and is laying-down את-Troubled, a concubine of his father, and El-Strives is hearing.

23Builders of Weary: firstborn of Heel, Behold-Builder, and News, and Joined, and Cast, and He-Brings-Wages, and Zebulun.

24Builders of Ewe: He-Adds and Builder of Right Hand. 25And builders of Troubled, slavewoman of Ewe, Judge and My-Wrestling.

26And builders of Trickle, slavewoman of Weary: Troop and Straight. These ones are builders of Heel, who have been born to-himself in Highland-Castle.

27And Heel is coming in toward He-Laughs his father, at Mamre, Meeting-City of the Four, himself is League, which there have offroaded Father-of-Tumult and He-Laughs.

28And they are becoming the days of He-Laughs a hundred of a duplication and eighty of a duplication. 29And He-Laughs is breathing out, and he is dying, and being gathered toward his people, an old one and full of days, and Prepared and Heel his builders are burying אֶת-him.