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Genesis Chapter 26

1And he is becoming a hungry-one in the Earth, from-to a separation of the First Hungry-one whom has become in the days of Father-of-Tumult. 2And Yahweh is being seen toward him, and he is saying, `Do not descend Dual-Siege-ward. Dwell in the Earth of which I am saying toward you. 3Offroad in the Earth of This one, and I am becoming with you, and I am kneeling you, for to-yourself and to your seed I am giving אֶת-the whole of the Earths of These ones, and I have caused to stand up the Sevened-Oath which I have sevened to Father-of-Tumult your father. 4And I have abounded your seed like stars of the Dual-Heavens, and I have given to your seed אֶת-the whole the Earths of These ones, and the whole of the nations of the Earth have kneeled themselves in your seed. 5Because of whom Father-of-Tumult has heard in My voice, and is guarding my guard, my commandments, my engravings, and my thrown-ones.`*

6And He-Laughs is sitting in Dragged. 7And mortal-men of the Standing-place are asking to his woman, and he is saying, `My sister is himself.` For he has feared to say, `My woman—lest the mortal-men of the Standing-place are slaying me upon Stall-Fed, that a good one of sight is herself.` 8And he is becoming, for the Days have been long to-himself there, and Father-King king of Philistines is looking down from-the back of the perforation,* and he is seeing, and behold, He-Laughs is laughing אֶת-Stall-Fed* his woman. 9And Father-King is calling-out to He-Laughs, and he is saying, `Only behold, himself is your woman and only you have said, My sister is himself?` and He-Laughs is saying toward him, `For I have said, Lest I die upon her.` 10And Father-King is saying, `What is this one you have made to-ourselves? Like a little one* he has laid down the one of the People אֶת-your woman, and you have caused to come in upon us a guilty-one.`

11And Father-King is laying-charge on אֶת-the whole of the People, to say, `The One-Touching in the Man of This one or in his woman, dying he is being put to death.` 12And He-Laughs is sowing in the Earth of Himself,* and he is finding in the Of a duplication of Himself* a hundred measures,* and Yahweh is kneeling him. 13And the Man is growing-great, and he is walking, walking and growing-great, until for he has grown great exceedingly. 14And he is becoming to-himself bought-one of a sheep and a bought-one of a ploughing-one, and a slave of abundance, and Philistines are envious of אֶת-him. 15And the whole of the Wells which the slaves of his father have dug in the days of Father-of-Tumult his father, Philistines have shut-up them,* and are filling them of a dust. 16And Father-King is saying toward He-Laughs, `Walk from with ourselves, for you have become exceedingly mightier from-ourselves.` 17And He-Laughs is walking from there, and he is bending-down in the torrent-valley of Dragged, and is sitting there.

18And He-Laughs is turning back, and is digging אֶת-the wells of the Dual-Waters which they have dug in the days of Father-of-Tumult his father, which Philistines are shutting them up the back of the death of Father-of-Tumult, and he is calling-out to-themselves names according to the Names which his father called-out to-themselves.

19And the slaves of He-Laughs are digging in the torrent-valley, and they are finding there a well of the dual-waters of dual-life.* 20And those-who-tend of Dragged are wrestling* with those-who-tend of He-Laughs, to say, `To-ourselves is the Dual-Waters.` And he is calling-out the name of the Well `Pressed` for they have pressed themselves with him.

21And they are digging a well of a back-one, and they are wrestling also upon her, and he is calling-out her name `Sitnah.`* 22And he is departing from there, and is digging a well of a back-one, and they have not wrestled upon her, and he is calling-out her name Broadways, and is saying, `For now Yahweh has enlarged to-ourselves, and we have been fruitful in the Earth.`

23And he is ascending from there to Well of Seven. 24And Yahweh is being seen toward him in the Night-ward of Himself, and he is saying, `Myself, elohe Father-of-Tumult your father, do not be fearing, for את-yourself is myself, and I have kneeled you, and have abounded אֶת-your seed, in account of Father-of-Tumult my slave.` 25and he is building there a slaughtering-place, and is calling-out in the name of Yahweh, and he is stretching-out there his tent, and the slaves of He-Laughs are digging a well there.

26And Father-King has walked toward him from Dragged, and Grasped* his companion, and Mouth-of-the-Whole, prince of his army. 27And He-Laughs is saying toward them, `Of What-perception have ye come in toward me, and yourselves have hated אֶת-me, and you are sending me from אֶת-yourselves?` 28And they are saying, `Seeing, we have seen, for he has become Yahweh with yourself, and we are saying, `She is becoming, now, a curse* between ourselves, between ourselves and between you, and let us cut off a cut-out-one with yourself. 29If you are making with ourselves a ruined-one,* as when* we have not touched you, and as when we have made with yourself only a good one, then we are sending you in peace. Yourself is now he-who-is-kneeled of Yahweh.`

30And he is making to-themselves a drink, and they are eating and drinking, 31and they are shouldering up in the Dawn, and are sevening themselves, a man to his brother, and He-Laughs is sending them forth, and they are walking from אֶת-him in peace. 32And he is becoming in the Hot-one of Himself, and the slaves He-Laughs are coming in and are exposing to-himself upon the causes of the Well which they have dug, and are saying to-himself, `We have found dual-waters.` 33And he is calling-out אֶת-her Seventh,* upon thus the name of the City is Well of Seven, until the Hot-one of This one.

34And he is becoming Prepared a builder of forty of a duplication, and he is taking a woman, אֶת-Jewess,* built-one of My-Well the Terrified, and אֶת-Fragrance,* built-one of Ram* the Terrified. 35And they are becoming a bitter one of wind to He-Laughs and to Stall-Fed.*