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Genesis Chapter 23

1And they are becoming the living ones* of ContentiousWoman a hundred of a duplication and twenty of a duplication and seven duplications, duplications of the living ones of ContentiousWoman. 2And ContentiousWoman is dying in Meeting-City of the Four,* himself is League,* in the earth of Humbled, and Father-of-Tumult is coming in to lament* to ContentiousWoman, and to bewail her.

3And Father-of-Tumult is standing up from upon the faces of his dying-one,* and he is ordering toward the builders of Terror,* to say, 4`An offroader and a remainer* is myself with yourselves; give to-myself a possession of a burial-place with yourselves, and let me bury my dying-one from-to the faces of myself.`* 5And the builders of Terror are facing אֶת-Father-of-Tumult, to say to-himself, 6 `Hear us, my master, an exalted-one of elohim is yourself in our middle. In a chosen-one of our burial-place bury אֶת-your dying-one. A man from ourselves is not withholding אֶת-his burial-place from yourself, from burying your dying-one.` 7And Father-of-Tumult is standing up, and he is bowing-down himself to a people of the Earth, to the builders of Terror.

8And he is ordering את-themselves, to say, `If there exists אֶת-a breath of yourselves to bury אֶת-my dying-one from-to the faces of myself, hear me, and meet to-myself in Fawn-Like,* builder of Whiteness.* 9And may he give to-myself אֶת-a cave of Doublefold,* which is to-himself, which is in the extremity of his field; in a full silver-one he is giving her to-myself, in the middle of yourselves, to a possession of a burial-place.`

10And Fawn-Like is sitting in the middle of the builders of Terror, and Fawn-Like the Terrified* is facing אֶת-Father-of-Tumult in the ears of the builders of Terror, to the whole of those coming in a gate of his city, to say, 11`Nay, my master, hear me, the Field I have given to-yourself,* and the Cave which is in-himself, to-yourself I have given her, to the eyes of the builders of my people I have given her to-yourself—bury your dying-one.`

12And Father-of-Tumult is bowing-down himself to the faces of a people of the Earth, 13and he is ordering toward Fawn-Like in the ears of a people of the Earth `Only if yourself please, hear me, I have given the silver-one of the Field—take from me, and may I bury my dying-one there-ward.` 14And Fawn-Like is facing אֶת-Father-of-Tumult, saying to him, 15`My master, hear me, earth—four hundred shekel* of a silver-one; between me and between you, what is himself?—and אֶת-your dying-one bury.`

16And Father-of-Tumult is hearing toward Fawn-Like, and Father-of-Tumult is weighing to Fawn-Like אֶת-the Silver-one which he has ordered in the ears of the builders of Terrified, four hundred shekel of a silver-one, going-round* to the Merchant.

17And standing up is the field of Fawn-Like, which is in Doublefold, which is to the faces of Mamre, the Field and the Cave which is in-himself,* and the whole of the Woods which are in the Field, which circle in the whole of his border,

18to Father-of-Tumult to a possession to the eyes of the builders of Terrified, in the whole coming in a gate of his city. 19And the back-ones of an upright Father-of-Tumult has buried אֶת-ContentiousWoman his woman toward a cave of a field of Doublefold, upon the faces of Mamre, himself is League,* in the Earth of Humbled. 20And the Field is standing up, and the Cave which is in-himself, to Father-of-Tumult to a possession of a burial-place, from אֶת-the builders of Terror.