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Genesis Chapter 21

1And Yahweh has visited אֶת-ContentiousWoman as when He has said, and Yahweh is making to ContentiousWoman according as He has ordered. 2And ContentiousWoman is conceiving and is bearing to Father-of-Tumult a builder to his old-ones,* to the Appointed-time which has ordered את-himself elohim. 3And Father-of-Tumult is calling-out אֶת-the name of his builder, the One-who-is-born* to himself, whom she has born to himself ContentiousWoman, He-Laughs.*

4And Father-of-Tumult is circumcising אֶת-He-Laughs his builder, a builder of eight days, as when elohim has laid charge upon אֶת-him. 5And Father-of-Tumult is a builder of a hundred of a duplication in bearing to himself אֶת-He-Laughs, his builder. 6And ContentiousWoman is saying, `Elohim has made to-myself a laughing-one,* the whole of the One-who-hears* is laughing to-myself.` 7And she is saying also, `Who has cut-off* to Father-of-Tumult? Has ContentiousWoman caused to suck builders?* For I have born a builder to his old-ones.`

8And the Born-one is growing-great, and he is being weaned,* and Father-of-Tumult is making a great drink* in the hot-one of being weaned,* אֶת-He-Laughs. 9And ContentiousWoman is seeing אֶת-the builder of Hagar of Dual-Siege, whom she has borne to Father-of-Tumult, is he-who-laughs.*

10And she is saying to Father-of-Tumult, `Drive out the Slavewoman of This one and אֶת-her builder for the builder of the Slavewoman of This one is not inheriting with my builder, with He-Laughs.` 11And the Word is ruinous exceedingly in the eyes of Father-of-Tumult, upon the causes of his builder.* 12And elohim is saying toward Father-of-Tumult, `Do not be ruinous in your eyes upon the Shaken-out-one, and upon your slavewoman. The whole of whom ContentiousWoman is saying toward you, hear her voice,* for in He-Laughs a seed is being called-out to yourself. 13And also אֶת-the builder of the Slavewoman to a nation I am placing him, for your seed is himself.`*

14And Father-of-Tumult is shouldering-up in the dawn, and is taking a bread, and a container* of dual-waters, and he is giving toward Hagar, putting upon her shoulder, and אֶת-the Born-one,* and is sending her forth, and she is walking and she is wandering in the wilderness of Well of Seven.*

15And the Dual-Waters are ended from the Container, and she is throwing* אֶת-the Born-one underneath one of the Shrubs. 16And she is walking and is sitting to-herself from-anti,* causing to be far, according to those extending a bow,* for she has said, `Never may I see in the death of the Born-one.` And she is sitting from-anti, and is lifting up אֶת-her voice, and is weeping.

17And elohim is hearing toward the voice of the Male-Child.* And a messenger of elohim is calling-out toward Hagar from out of the Dual-Heavens, and is saying to herself, `What to yourself, Hagar? Do not be fearing. For elohim has heard toward the voice of the Shaken-out-one, in whom himself is there. 18Stand up, lift up אֶת-the Shaken-out-one, and strengthen אֶת-your hand in-himself for to a great nation I am putting him.` 19And elohim is splitting אֶת-her eyes, and she is seeing a well of dual-waters, and she is walking and filling the Container of dual-waters, and is causing to drink אֶת-the Shaken-out-one.20And he is elohim את-the Shaken-out-one. And he is growing-great, and he is sitting in the Wilderness, and he is he-who-abounds* a bowman.

21And he is sitting in a wilderness of Paran,* And his mother is taking to himself a woman from the earth of Dual-Siege.

22And he is in the Time of Himself,* and Father-King is speaking, and Mouth-of-the-Whole,* prince of his army toward Father-of-Tumult, to say, `Elohim is with you in the whole of which yourself makes. 23And now, seven herself* to myself in elohim here. If you are not cheating to-myself, and to my offspring and to my posterity, according to the Kindness which I have made with yourself, you are making with myself, and with the Earth which you have offroaded in-herself.`

24And Father-of-Tumult is saying, `Myself is sevening myself.`*

25And Father-of-Tumult has justified אֶת-Father-King upon the causes of a well of the Water which slaves of Father-King have torn away,* 26and Father-King is saying, `I have not perceived* who has made the Word of This one, and also yourself has not fronted to myself, and also myself has not heard until the Hot-one.`

27And Father-of-Tumult is taking a sheep and a ploughing-one, and is giving to Father-King, and they are cutting-off, their double,* a cut-out-one.* 28And Father-of-Tumult is causing to stand-firm אֶת-seven ewe-lambs of the Sheep to their separation. 29And Father-King is saying toward Father-of-Tumult, `What are these seven ewe-lambs, These-ones which you have caused to stand-firm to their separation?` 30And he is saying, `For אֶת-seven lambs you are taking from my hand, in account of which he is to myself to a testimony that I have dug the Well of This one.` 31Upon an upright has he called-out to the Standing-place of Himself Well-of-Seven for there they have sevened themselves their two. 32And they are cutting-off a cut-out-one in Well-of-Seven, and Father-King is standing-up, and Mouth-of-the-Whole, prince of his army, and they are turning back toward the earth of Philistines. 33And he is setting-up a tamarisk in Well-of-Seven. And he is calling-out there in the name of Yahweh el of the future.* 34And Father-of-Tumult is offroading in the earth of Philistines, days abundant.