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Genesis Chapter 18

1And Yahweh is being seen toward him in oaks of Mamre, and himself is he-who-sits at an opening of the Tent, as the hot-one of the Hot-one.

2And he is lifting up his eyes and he is seeing, and behold, three mortal-men standing-firm upon him, and he is seeing, and he is running to meet them from an opening of the Tent, and he is bowing-down earth-ward.

3And he is saying, `My master, if, now, I have found a favored-one in your eyes, do not, now, pass-by from upon your slave. 4He is being taken, now, a little one of the dual-waters* and you-all wash your feet-pair, and lean underneath the Wood. 5And I am taking a broken-piece* of bread, and supporting* your heart, the back you are passing-by,* for upon an upright you have crossed-over your slave.` And they say, `Thus you are making as when you have ordered.`

6And Father-of-Tumult is hastening tent-ward toward ContentiousWoman, and is saying, `Hasten three measures of flour-meal, knead, and make bread-rounds.` 7And toward the Ploughing-one Father-of-Tumult has run, and he is taking a builder of a ploughing-one, tender and good, and is giving toward the Shaken-out-one,* and he is hastening to make himself.*

8And he is taking curd and milk-fat,* and the builder of the Ploughing-one which he has made and is giving to their faces, and himself set-upright* upon them underneath the Wood, and they are eating. 9And they are saying toward him, `Where is ContentiousWoman your woman?` And he is saying, `Behold—in the Tent.` 10And he is saying, `Turning back I am turning back toward you, according to the Time of a living-one, and behold, a builder is to ContentiousWoman, your woman.` 11And Father-of-Tumult and ContentiousWoman are old coming into the Days, the caravan-way* according to the Women has quit to become to ContentiousWoman. 12And ContentiousWoman is laughing* in her inner-part, to say, `The back-ones of my wearing out,* she has become to-myself a luxurious-one, and myself has grown old.`* 13And Yahweh is saying toward Father-of-Tumult, `Why this one? ContentiousWoman has laughed, to say, Truly really am I bearing and myself has grown old? 14Is a word from Yahweh extraordinary? To the appointed time I am returning toward you, according to the Time of a living-one, and to ContentiousWoman, a builder.`

15And ContentiousWoman is lying,* to say, `I have not laughed;` for she has feared. And he is saying, `Nay, for you have laughed.`

16And the Mortal-men* are standing up from there, and they are looking-down upon the faces of Sodom, and Father-of-Tumult is he-who-walks with them to send them forth.*17And Yahweh has said, `The One-Covering* is myself from Father-of-Tumult which myself is he-who-makes. 18And Father-of-Tumult To become he is* to a nation great and mighty.* And the whole of the nations of the Earth have been kneeled in-himself.* 19For I have perceived him, to the purpose which he is charging אֶת-his builders, and אֶת-his house his back-ones, and they have guarded the road* of Yahweh, to make justice and judgment, to the purpose of Yahweh causing to come in upon Father-of-Tumult אֶת-which he has spoken upon him.` 20And Yahweh is saying, `An outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah—for she has been abundant; And their miss—for she has been heavy exceedingly. 21Let me descend, now, and am seeing whether according to the outcry* of her, she has come in toward me they have made complete—and if not—I am perceiving.`

22And the Mortal-men are facing* from there, and they are walking Sodom-ward; and Father-of-Tumult is again-him* standing to the faces of Yahweh. 23 And Father-of-Tumult is drawing near and is saying, `Really are you sweeping* even righteous with wicked? 24 Perhaps there exists fifty righteous in the inner-part of the City*—really are you sweeping and not lifting to the Standing-place to the purpose of fifty of the Righteous who are in her inner-part?* 25 Profane-thing!* to-yourself from making like This Word to cause to die righteous with wicked; then he has become like the Righteous, like the Wicked—Profane-thing! to-yourself. Is the one-who-judges the whole of the Earth not making a justice?` 26And Yahweh is saying, `If I am finding in Sodom fifty righteous in the middle of the city, then I have lifted to the whole of the Standing-place in account of them.` 27And Father-of-Tumult is facing* and is saying, `Behold, now, I have determined to order toward my master, and myself is a dust and ashes. 28Perhaps there are lacking fifty of the Righteous, five—Will you be laying-waste in the Five אֶת-the whole of the City?` 29And he is adding continually to order toward Him, and he is saying, `Perhaps there are being found there forty?` 30And he is saying, `Do not, now, burn to my master, and I am ordering. Perhaps there are being found there thirty?` 31And he is saying, `Behold, now, I have determined to order toward my master. Perhaps there are being found there twenty?` 32And he is saying, ` Do not, now, burn to my master, and I am ordering, yet the Occurance:* Perhaps ten are being found there?`

33And Yahweh is walking, when he has ended to order toward Father-of-Tumult, and Father-of-Tumult has turned back to his standing-place.