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Genesis Chapter 14

1And he is becoming in the days of Dark-Sayer* king of Two-Rivers, Lion-like* king of Elohim-Disciplines,* Handful-of-Sheaves* king of Eternity,* and Great-Builder* king of Nations,* 2they have made a war אֶת-Builder-of-Ruined-one* king of Sodom, and אֶת-Iniquitous* king of Gomorrah, Altered Father* king of Red-one,* and Name-Wing* king of Gazelles,* and the king of Swallowed* (herself* is Little). 3All these have become united toward the valley of Fields,* he is the sea of the Salt.

4Double ten of a duplication they have served אֶת-Handful-of-Sheaves, and three ten of a duplication they have rebelled. 5And in four ten of a duplication has come in Handful-of-Sheaves, and the kings who are אֶת-him, and they are smiting אֶת-the Healers* in Goddesses-of-the-Dual-Horns,* and אֶת-the Roving Beasts* in Warm, and אֶת-the Terrors* in Level-Plain of Two Cities,* 6and אֶת-the Hole-Dwellers* in their mountain of Hairy,* until Oak of Branch,* which is upon the wilderness*; 7and they are turning back and coming in toward Eye of Judgment,* himself is Holy, and are smiting אֶת-the whole field of the Amalekite,* and also the Sayer* who is sitting in Divided-Palm.*

8And the king of Sodom is going out, and the king of Gomorrah, and the king of Red-one, and the king of Gazelles, and the king of Swallowed (himself is Little) and they are setting in array אֶת-them a war in the valley of Fields, 9אֶת-Handful-of-Sheaves king of Eternity, and Great-Builder king of Nations, and Dark-Sayer king of Two-Rivers, and Lion-Like king of El-Disciplines, four kings אֶת-the Five.

10And the valley of the Fields is wells wells of tar.* And the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah are escaping, and falling* there-ward, and the Remnant* mountain-ward have escaped.* 11And they are taking אֶת-the whole of the possession of Sodom and Gomorrah, and אֶת-the whole of their food, and they are walking; 12(and they are taking אֶת-Lot, builder of Raised-Father’s brother, and אֶת-his possession, and are walking, and himself sitting in Sodom). 13And the Escaped-one* is coming in and is exposing to Raised-Father the Beyond-one.*

14And Raised-Father is hearing that his brother has been taken captive, and he is pouring out אֶת-his trained-ones,* born-ones* of his house, eight ten and three hundred, and is pursuing until Judge. 15And he is being smoothed* upon them night-ward, himself and his slaves, and is smiting them, and pursuing them until Guilt,* which is from the left to Damascus; 16and he is causing to turn back אֶת-the whole of the possession, and also אֶת-Lot his brother and his possession he has caused to return, and also אֶת-the Women and אֶת-the People.

17And the king of Sodom is going out to meet him, back-ones of his turning back from smiting אֶת-Handful-of-Sheaves, and אֶת-the kings who are אֶת-him, toward the Valley of Level* (himself is the Valley of the King).

18And Melchizedek,king of Complete,* has brought out bread and wine, and himself is priest to el of uppermost one.* 19And he is kneeling him, and is saying, `He-who-is-kneeled is Raised-Father to el of uppermost one, he-who-buys dual-heavens and earth.

20And he-who-is-kneeled is el of uppermost one, who has shielded your narrow-ones* in your hand.` And he is giving to-himself a tenth one from the whole. 21And the king of Sodom is saying toward Raised-Father, `Give to-myself the Breath, and the Possession take to-yourself,` 22and Raised-Father is saying toward the king of Sodom, `I have raised-high my hand toward Yahweh, el of uppermost one, he-who-buys dual-heavens and earth—23if from a thread* and until a strap of a sandal, and if I take from the whole of which you have, then lest you are uttering, `Myself has made rich אֶת-Raised-Father,` 24not-unto-me only that which the Scattered-ones* have eaten, and the portion of the Mortal-men who have walked את-myself—Shaken-out, Cluster, and Vision—they are taking their portion.`