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Genesis Chapter 13

1And Raised-Father is ascending from Dual-Siege (himself and his woman, and all that he has, and Lot with him) Dry-South-ward; 2and Raised-Father is exceedingly heavy in a bought-one, in the Silver-one,* and in the Gold-one. 3And he is walking to his pulling-up from Dry-South, and until House of El, until the Standing-place where his tent has become in the Pierced-one,* between House of El and Ruins, 4toward the Standing-place of the slaughtering-place which he has made there in the First one,* and there Raised-Father is calling-out in the name of Yahweh. 5And also to Lot, the One-Walking את-*Raised-Father, he has become a sheep and a ploughing-one and tents.

6And the Earth has not lifted אֶת-them up to sit united, for has become their possessions abundant, and they have not been able to sit united.

7And he is becoming a wrestling-one between those-who-see* of a bought-one of Raised-Father and between those-who-see of a bought-one of Lot. And the Humbled and the Unwalled* are at that time sitting in the Earth.

8And Raised-Father is saying toward Lot, `Do not, now, become a wrestling-place* between me and between you, and between those-who-see of mine and those-who-see of yours, for mortal-men, brothers are ourselves. 9Is not the whole of the Earth to your faces? Separate, now, from upon me. If the Left,* and may I cause-right; and if the Right, and may I cause-left.` 10And Lot is lifting up his eyes, and is seeing אֶת-the whole of a round* of the Descender* for the whole of her is a drink-giver* to the faces of Yahweh laying-waste אֶת-Sodom and אֶת-Gomorrah,* like the enclosure of Yahweh, like the earth of Dual-Siege, as you come in Little.

11And Lot is choosing for himself the whole round of the Descender. And Lot is pulling up from the front [east], and they are separating a man from upon his brother; 12Raised-Father has sat in the Earth of Humbled, and Lot has sat in the cities of the Round and is tent-pitching until Sodom.

13And the men of Sodom are ruinous and missing* to Yahweh exceedingly.14And Yahweh has spoken toward Raised-Father, back-ones of the separating of Lot from-with-him, `Lift up, now, your eyes, and see from out of the Standing-Place whom yourself is there, hidden-ward, and dry-south-ward, and front-ward [eastward], and sea-ward. 15For אֶת-the whole of the Earth which you are seeing, to-yourself I am giving her, and to your seed until the future. 16And I have placed your seed like a dust of the Earth, which, if a man is able to inscribe the dust of the Earth, so also your seed is being inscribed.* 17Stand up, walk about in the Earth, to her length, and to her width, for to-yourself I am giving her.`*

18And Raised-Father is tent-pitching, and is coming in, and is sitting in oaks of Mamre,* which are in League,* and is building there a slaughtering-place to Yahweh.