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Genesis Chapter 8

1And elohim is memorializing* אֶת-Rest, and אֶת-the whole of the Living-one, and אֶת-the whole of the Behemah whom is את-him in the Chest, and elohim is causing a wind to cross-over upon* the Earth, and the Dual-Waters are lying-in-wait,* 2and the eye-springs of the uproar and the lattice-networks of the Dual-Heavens are being shut up, and the Rain-Shower from the Dual-Heavens is being withheld. 3And turning back are the Dual-Waters from off the Earth, walking and turning back; and the Dual-Waters are decreasing* from the extremity* of a hundred and fifty hot-one.

4And the Chest is resting,* in the Seventh New-one, in the seven ten hot-one to the New-one, upon the mountains of Ararat; 5and the Dual-Waters have become, walking and decreasing,* until the Tenth New-one; in the Tenth, in one* to the New-one, have become seen the shaking-ones of the mountains. 6And he is becoming from the cut-off of forty hot-one, and Rest is opening the perforation* of the Chest which he has made.

7And he is sending אֶת-the raven, and he is going out, to go out and to turn back until the drying of the Dual-Waters from upon the Earth.* 8And he is sending אֶת-the dove from את-himself* to see they have become lightened* the Dual-Waters from off the faces of the Red-one.

9And the dove has not found a resting place for the palm of her foot,* and she is turning back toward him, toward the Chest, for the dual-waters are upon the faces of the whole of the Earth, and he is sending forth his hand, and he is taking* אֶת-her, and is causing to come in herself toward him, toward the Chest.* 10And he is turning-around* again seven days back,* and he is adding to send forth* the dove from-out the Chest. 11And the dove is coming into him at time of evening, and behold, an olive leaf torn off in her mouth.* And Rest is perceiving that the Dual-Waters have become lightened from upon the Earth. 12And he is waiting again seven days back,* and is sending forth the dove, and she has not added to turn back* toward him again.

13And he is becoming in one and six hundred of a duplication, in the First-one,* in one to the New-one, the Dual-Waters have been laid-desolate* from upon the Earth; and Rest is causing to turn aside the covering of the Chest,* and he is seeing, and behold, the faces of the Red-one have been laid-desolate. 14And in the Second New-one, in the seven and twenty hot-one of the New-one, the Earth has dried-up.

15And elohim is ordering* toward Rest, to say, 16`Go out from the Chest, you, and your woman, and your builders, and your builders’ women את-yourself; 17the whole of the living-one which is את-yourself, of the whole flesh, in the flying-one, and in the behemah, and in the whole creeper that creeps on the Earth, bring out את-yourself; and they have creeped in the Earth, and have become fruitful, and have multiplied on the Earth.` 18And Rest is going out, and his builders, and his woman, and his builders’ women את-himself; 19the whole behemah, the whole of the living-one, and the whole flying-one; the whole creeper on the Earth, to their families,* have gone out from the Chest.

20And Rest is building a slaughtering-place to Yahweh, and is taking from the whole of the clean behemah, and from the whole of the clean flying-one, and is causing to ascend* ascending-ones* upon the slaughtering-place. 21And Yahweh is smelling the pleasant fragrance,* and Yahweh is saying toward his heart,* `I am not adding to disesteem again the Red-one in the sake of the Red-one, for the form* of the heart of the Red-one, ruined-one from his youth.* And I am not causing to add to smite again אֶת-the whole of a living-one, as when I have made; 22again the whole of the days of the Earth, seed and crop, and the cold-one and hot-one, and summer-fruit and harvest,* and hot-one and night-ward, are not resting.`*