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Genesis Chapter 2

1And the Dual-Heavens and the Earth are being ended,* and the whole army of them.*

2And elohim is ending in the Seventh Hot-one his work whom he has made and is ceasing in the Seventh Hot-one from the whole of his work whom he has made.

3And elohim is kneeling אֶת-the Seventh Hot-one,* and is sanctifying אֶת-him, for in-him* he has ceased from the whole of his work whom elohim has cut out to make.*

4These are generated-ones of the Dual-Heavens and of the Earth in their being cut out, in the hot-one of Yahweh* elohim making earth and dual-heavens.

5And the whole of the shrub of the Field is before he is becoming in the Earth, and the whole of the grass of the Field is before he sprouts,* for Yahweh elohim had not caused to rain upon the Earth, and a red-one is nothing to serve אֶת-the Red-one. 6And a mist is going up from the Earth and has given drink to אֶת-the whole of the faces of the Red-one.

7And Yahweh elohim is forming אֶת-the Red-one, a dust from the Red-one,* and is blowing into his dual-nose a blow of dual-life,* and he is becoming the Red-one to a breath of a living-one.*

8And Yahweh elohim is fixing-up* an enclosure* in Eden, from the front [east],* and he is placing there the Red-one whom he has formed. 9And Yahweh elohim is causing to sprout from out of the Red-one the whole of a wood, him-who-is-desirable to the sight,*
and a good one for a food,
and the Wood of the Dual-life* is in the middle of the Enclosure,
and the Wood is the Perception of* a good one and ruined-one.*

10And a river going out from Eden to cause to drink אֶת-the enclosure, and from there he is separating, and he has become to four shaking-ones,* 11the name of the One is Fat,* he is encircling* אֶת-the whole earth of the Spinning-one* whom there is the Gold-one, 12and the gold-one of the Earth of Himself* is good, there is the bedolach* and stone of the Shoham.* 13And the name of the River of the Second-one* is Burst Forth [Gichon],* himself encircling אֶת-the whole earth of Cush; 14And the name of the River of the Third-one is Hiddekel,* himself is the One-who-walks* front [east] of Straight;*

15And Yahweh elohim is taking* אֶת-the Red-one and is causing him to rest in the enclosure of Eden, to serve her, and to guard her.*16And Yahweh elohim is laying-charge upon the Red-one, to say, `From the whole of a wood of the Enclosure, eating you are eating.* 17And from a wood of the Perceiving-one* of a good one and a ruined-one, you are not eating from us,* for in a hot-one of your eating from us, dying you are dying.` 18And Yahweh elohim is saying, It is not a good one the becoming of the Red-one to his own separation,* I am making to-himself a surrounding-help* according to his anti.*

19And Yahweh elohim is forming from the Red-one the whole of a living one of the Field, and אֶת-the whole flying-one of the Dual-Heavens, and is causing to come in toward the Red-one, to see what he is calling-out to-himself.* And the whole of whom the Red-one is calling-out to-himself, a breath of a living-one himself is his name.* 20And the Red-one is calling-out names* to the whole of the Behemah, and to the flying-one of the Dual-Heavens, and to the whole of a living one of the Field. And to Red-one the surrounding-aid has not been found, according to his anti.* 21And Yahweh elohim is causing to fall a dead-sleep* upon the Red-one, and he is sleeping, and he is taking one of his ribs,* and is shutting up flesh underneath-ward.* 22And Yahweh elohim is building אֶת-the rib which he has taken from the Red-one to a Woman and is causing her to come in toward the Red-one.* 23And the Red-one is saying, `This one is the Occurance,* a bone of my bones. And a flesh of my flesh to this one; she is being called-out Woman for from a man* this one has been taken.* 24Upon an upright a man is forsaking אֶת-his father and אֶת-his mother,* and has stuck in his Woman,* and they have become to a flesh of one.*

25And their double* are becoming naked-ones,* Red-one and his woman, and they are not ashamed-of- themselves.*