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שיח Hagar’s “Shrub”

And the dual water is being completed from out of the Waterskin, and she is throwing the eternal self Boy below one of the Complaining ones.

Genesis 21:15 RBT

Hebrew שיח was conjectured to be a “bush”. It is from the verb root שיח, to muse, complain, talk, murmer. (Cf. #7878) “Bush” or “shrub” was pure conjecture, stemming from its four occurances as a masculine noun (cf. #7880).

Hagar “throws” her “boy” below one of the Complaining Ones (הַשִיחִם) in the Desolate Place. Bias and context determines how literature is read, interpreted, and translated. This also includes literary device, function, and register which are also conjectured in terms of ancient texts, extinct languags, and so on. Literary register involves the use of heightened or embellished language, rich imagery, metaphor, symbolism, and other literary devices to evoke emotions, convey themes, and create aesthetic effects. In the case of the Hebrew literature, it is said to be of “the Prophets,” which obviously constitutes a category of literary device or function all its own. Numbers and words on their own don’t lie. But when interpretation, conjecture, and choice of translation befall a text, a false illusion can immediately cloak the true numbers or words sending them into the depths of darkness. And if “authorities” stand guard between the “lay person” and the “holy grail” ready at a moments notice to “burn at the stake” anyone who dares try to breach the established, fortified castle, what can the poor, bent, heavy laden do? We see it all the time in the media, news, entertainment, and political arenas, do we not? But therein lies the coming of Salvation, no? Like a thief in the Night, the one who breaches, and plunders the whole….