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The Latter (Last) Generation?

דּ֣וֹר אַ֭חֲרוֹן Dor Acharon” – the Latter Generation

There are many passages in the Bible that speak of a latter or last generation. This passage in Deuteronomy expresses it with definite articles,

‘And he has said the Latter Generation [#314, ha-dor ha-acharon] of your sons who are standing up from behind you, and the stranger who is coming in from an earth afar off, and they have seen the smitings of the Earth of Himself, and her diseases which Yahweh has sickened in her.

Deuteronomy 29:22 literal

Psalm 78 Literal

1 An Instruction to Gatherer. Give ear, O my people of my Shooting [Law/Torah], stretch out your ear to the sayings of my mouth.

2 I am opening in a parable my mouth, I am spewing forth [Jesus quoted this using the word “spit”] riddles from the front [or east].

3 Which we have heard and are knowing, And our fathers have counted to-ourselves.

4 We are not hiding from their sons, to the latter generation [#314, dor acharon]—those-who-count the praises of Yahweh, and his fierceness, and his wonderful-ones whom he has made.

“We are not hiding from their sons” is the real literal. Translators have always added the word “it” to make this sound “right”, i.e. not hiding it. “His wonderful-ones whom he has made” is rendered very easily since wonderful-ones is from the participle verb to be wonderful.”Works” is another added word to the text. The Hebrew asah is a word that can mean both make and do.

5 And He is raising up a testimony in Jacob, And a law has placed in Israel, that He has commanded our fathers, To make them known to their sons.

6 So that a later generation [#314, dor acharon, latter generation] is knowing, Sons who are born are rising and recounting to their sons,

7 And are placing in God their confidence, And forgetting not the doings of God, But keeping His commands.

8 And they are not like their fathers, A generation turning away and a rebelling generation, he has not made ready his heart, and she has not been faithful near God his spirit.

Open the Law of Moses again and take a closer look…

This is being written for a latter generation [#314, dor acharon, latter generation], And a people to be created are praising [or shooting] Jah. Psalm 102:18 YLT

Set your heart to her bulwark, consider her high places, so that ye are counting to a later generation [#314, dor acharon, latter generation]… Psalm 48:13 YLT

there is no end to the whole of the people, to the whole which he HAS BEEN before their faces; also, the Latter Ones [#314, Acharonim, latter/hind ones] are rejoicing not in him. For also this one is vapor [Abel] and striving of spirit. Ecc. 4:16 YLT

There is also text regarding “The Hind Sea” or the “Sea of the West”. The Sea/Waters is symbolic of the multitudes (Rev. 17). Both of the words here have a definite article the in front of them meaning it is a formal name given,

The Latter Sea – הַיָּ֥ם הָאַחֲרֽוֹן

and all Naphtali, and the land of Ephraim and Manasseh, and all the land of Judah, unto The Hinder [#314, ha-acharon] Sea.. Deut. 34:2