The unwalled-villages have ceased in Israel. They have ceased until which-I-have-stood-up, Bee, which-I-have-stood-up, a mother in El-Strives.

Judges 5:7 literal

Her name Deborah דְּבּוֹרָה means bee. Because she stings or has a stinger perhaps? The Hebrew for bee is from דָבַר dabar which means to speak, from which the word דָבָר of Elohim is derived. Also דֶּבֶר pestilence.

Note that the perfect verb I-have-stood-up has a relative pronoun prefixed – שַׁקַּ֥מְתִּי sha-qamti, which I have stood up. This is very odd and doesn’t occur anywhere else except in Judges 5:7. The sense is that the speaker is standing up as “Deborah”, i.e. whom I have stood up as. This is further supported by the fact that both Deborah and Barak are singing the same song.

Barak stood up as a Bee. And slaughtered. Maybe they are singing of one and the same thing?

Consider it an enigma. “Deborah” was never about women to begin with. If you really care about the truth you are going to have to dig. At some point Christians are going to come to terms with the fact that they’ve never read the real thing,

And he is making אֶת-the Basin of bronze, and אֶת-his base of bronze, in mirrors of the Warring-ones, who have warred at an opening of a tent of an appointed time.

Exodus 38:8 literal

That verse was always changed to read “serving women”. Perceived context and the crafty art of “dynamic-equivalence” takes the place of real text, and as a result everyone is left in the dark.

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