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Genesis Chapter 4

1And the Red-one has perceived* אֶת-Eve his woman, and she is conceiving and bearing אֶת-Spearhead,* and saying, `I have bought* a man אֶת-Yahweh.`* 2And she is adding to bear* אֶת-his brother, אֶת-Vapor.* And he is becoming Vapor, one-who-tends a sheep,* and Spearhead has become one-who-serves the red-one.

3And he is becoming from the cut-off* of the days, and Spearhead is causing to come in from the fruit of the Red-one a gift to Yahweh. 4And Vapor has caused to come in, also himself, from the firstborn-ones* of his sheep, from their fatty-ones.* And Yahweh is gazing* toward Vapor and toward his gift. 5And toward Spearhead and toward his gift he has not gazed. And he is burning* to Spearhead exceedingly, and his faces are falling.*

6And Yahweh is saying toward Spearhead, `Why has he burned to-yourself? And why has your faces fallen?* 7Is there not, if you are creating-good,* an exalted-one?* And if you are not creating-good, to the Opening a miss-offering is he-who-lies-stretched-out,* and toward you is his runner, and yourself is ruling in-himself.`*

8And Spearhead is speaking toward Vapor his brother, and he is becoming in their becoming in the Field, and Spearhead is standing up toward Vapor his brother, and he is slaying him.

9And Yahweh is saying toward Spearhead, `Where is Vapor your brother?` And he is saying, `I have not perceived. Is him-who-guards* my brother myself?`10And he is saying, `What have you made? A voice of the blood-ones* of your brother are those-who-cry* toward myself from the Red-one. 11And now, he-who-is-cursed* is yourself from out of the Red-one, which has parted* אֶת-her mouth to take אֶת-the blood-ones of your brother from your hand. 12For when you are serving אֶת-the Red-one, she is not adding* to give her strong-one to-yourself. One-who-moves-to-and-fro* and one-who-waves* you are becoming in the Earth.`

13And Spearhead is saying toward Yahweh, `A great-one is my bowed-one* from lifting up.* 14Behold, you have driven אֶת-me the Hot-one from upon the faces of the Red-one, and from your faces I am being concealed. And I have become one-who-moves-to-and-fro, and one-who-waves in the Earth, and he has become the whole of the one-who-is-finding me is slaying me.`15And Yahweh is saying to-himself, `To an upright, the whole of the one-who-slays Spearhead, seven-times he is being avenged.*` And Yahweh is placing for Spearhead a sign to except the smiting of אֶת-him the whole of him-who-finds him.*

16And Spearhead is going out from-to the faces* of Yahweh, and he is sitting in the Earth of Waving* in front [east] of Eden. 17And Spearhead is perceiving אֶת-his woman, and she is conceiving, and is bearing אֶת-Narrow, and he is becoming he-who-builds an awake-one,* and he is calling-out the name of the awake-one, according to the name of his builder, Narrow.* 18And being born to Narrow אֶת-Fugitive and Fugitive has begotten אֶת-Struck-by-El; and Struck-by-El has begotten אֶת-Man-of-El; and Man-of-El has begotten אֶת-Lamech.*

19And Lamech is taking to-himself a pair* of women, the name of the One is Ornament, and the name of the Second is Shade.* 20And Ornament is bearing אֶת-Stream,* himself has become father of him-who-sits tents, and a bought-one.* 21And the name of his brother is Stream,* himself has become father of the whole of him-who-seizes the harp and pipe. 22And Shade, also himself, has born אֶת-She-is-Led-to-Spearhead,* he-who-hammers the whole of him-who-is-engraved* in bronze and iron; and a sister of She-is-Led-to-Spearhead is Pleasant.* 23And Lamech is saying to his women—`Ornament and Shade, hear my voice, Women of Lamech, give ear to my saying: For a man I have slain for my wound, and a born-one* for my blow*; 24For sevenfold is being avenged for Spearhead, And for Lamech seventy and sevenfold.`*

25And Red-one is perceiving again* אֶת-his woman and she is bearing a builder, and is calling-out אֶת-his name Set-one,* for elohim has set to-myself the seed of the back-one,* underneath Vapor, for Spearhead has slain him.*

26And to Set-one, also himself, a builder has been born,* and he is calling-out אֶת-his name Mortal-man;* at that time he has untied* to call-out in the name of Yahweh.